Rockwall Divorce Attorney

At Guest and Gray Law Firm we understand that no one decides to speak with a divorce lawyer without great difficulty. We understand how hard it is to end a marriage. Imagine being through with your Rockwall divorce and achieving your goals in a way that protects your family and your financial future. We have a team of experienced family lawyers that can deliver the best results in the toughest cases. We can help you win your divorce settlement, or fight for you at trial if needed.

What you need know is a team of Rockwall family lawyers to help you, a  winning group that has helped people just like you. We are the largest local family law firm, and we are proud to have the highest customer satisfaction ratings. We offer free, confidential consultations for all Rockwall divorce cases.

Rockwall Divorce Consultations

At our initial consultation, we will talk about the martial estate. What assets are there? What debts do you have? How are we going to divide up the estate? What about the house? We will help you create an accurate financial snapshot of your marital property, and make sure that you get the assets you deserve.

If you have children, then we will need to discuss your parenting plan options. Can we agree on a custody schedule? What schools will your kids attend? What about health insurance? We can help create a custom child custody agreement to make sure your kids thrive in their new routine. 

How to find the best Rockwall Divorce Lawyer for your case.

Most Rockwall Divorce lawyers are solo attorneys. If you hire a solo attorney, you run the risk of being left without help in the event of a legal emergency. What happens if you need your solo Rockwall family attorney and they get sick? Or go on vacation? Or she is in a trial with another client? 

That will never happen at Guest and Gray Law Firm. We are a local firm with big firm resources. If your lawyer is unavailable for any reason, we will have another lawyer assist you. Our lawyers work together, and our approach is ideal for complicated or contested divorces. You can’t out-litigate Guest and Gray Law Firm’s family team. 

Find out what our clients have to say about us. Read our website and blogs, and finally call our Rockwall family law team and meet with our family team face to face. You will know that Guest and Gray Law Firm is the right team for your Rockwall Divorce case.