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Guest and Gray is a full service civil and criminal defense law firm. Our Forney and Rockwall family law and divorce attorneys help people navigate legal challenges surrounding numerous matters, including spousal and child support, custody modifications, and adoptions. Our firm represents people in need of legal assistance in a number of other matters, including injury accidents, probate administration, and business law.

Guest and Gray has a proven track record of customer satisfaction. We have an unmatched record of success and bring a customer-first approach to litigation. Years of experience have taught the firm that in order to offer great customer satisfaction, the lawyers and other legal professionals at the firm have to excel in the art of personal communication.

Guest and Gray’s experience in the legal community carries over into the law practice. Lawyers working for the firm have served as Kaufman County Bar President and Kaufman County Assistant District Attorneys.

Guest and Gray’s home office is in Forney. We also have offices in Rockwall and Plano.

Family Law

Guest and Gray’s family law and divorce lawyers in Forney and Rockwall are experienced, aggressive, and ready to be of assistance to you. We have decades of experience in family law and work tirelessly to get the best result in each case. Not all family law matters need to resemble a battle to achieve a successful outcome, however. In cases with children, we encourage our clients to focus on co-parenting and putting the needs of the children first. We offer a range of alternatives to contested litigation, including agreed divorces and mediation. Our family law attorneys work together as a team. Clients with an urgent legal matter can rest assured, knowing that a lawyer familiar with their case will be able to assist them.


A fault divorce may be applicable under specific circumstances and in accordance with state law. There are a number of instances in which a fault divorce is permissible, including adultery, abandonment, cruelty, felony conviction, and living apart. A Forney and Rockwall family law and divorce lawyer can determine whether a spouse qualifies for a fault divorce. Most divorces are considered no-fault divorces, in that the spouses have determined over time that it will not be possible to reconcile their differences. If the divorcing spouses started a family and children are involved, a divorce can be a more complex and time-consuming process. Another option available to divorcing spouses is mediation.

Child Custody

In most cases, parents wanting custody of their child have a desire for the child to live primarily with them, allowing the other parent visitation rights. Joint managing conservatorship divides rights and duties between the parents, with exception of determination of primary residence of the child. Sole managing conservatorship places major rights and duties of the child with one parent, with the other parent having limited duties and rights. Children twelve years and older can determine which parent they wish to live with primarily. A family law and divorce attorney in Forney and Rockwall can help determine what is in the best interest of the child.

Personal Injury

Our firm stands by injured members of the community, assisting them as they assert their rights under the law. Negligent parties involved in a vehicle accident often attempt to convince the victim or the courts that the injured person was at least partly at fault. Insurance companies are savvy and do what they can to protect themselves, often unfairly delaying or denying payment on injury claims. A proper investigation of the facts surrounding the accident by a competent personal injury attorney is vital to securing just compensation for the injured.

Car Accidents

Common explanations for a car accident include excessive speed and distracted driving. A driver attempting to change lanes when unsafe to do so or following too closely behind another vehicle can also result in a collision. Conducting an investigation, including gathering witness statements and any other related documentation, in a timely manner is crucial in order to identify any and all responsible parties. In many instances, a case can be settled by representatives of the involved parties. Sometimes, the parties cannot resolve their issues through negotiation, resulting in a trial.

Wills and Probate

Probate ensures that a deceased person’s outstanding financial matters are resolved and that assets are properly distributed to beneficiaries named in a will, if one exists. If the deceased person did not prepare a will prior to their death, matters are resolved in accordance with state law. Guest and Gray have extensive experience administering the probate process. In some instances, probate may not be required. Even if probate is not applicable, other procedures must be followed, so it is best to consult with a competent attorney to discuss the matter.

Criminal Defense

People facing criminal charges want an attorney willing to listen to them and one offering a sound strategy for the best possible outcome. Our team of criminal defense lawyers, including former prosecutors, work together to help plan the best defense for our clients. Our attorneys use years of combined experience and knowledge of state and federal laws to prepare for whatever obstacles prosecutors present at trial. We represent people facing both misdemeanor and felony charges for a broad range of offenses, including computer crimes, DWI/DUI, violent crimes, and drug possession.

Business and Commercial Law

Business lawyers help organizations to resolve legal matters. Attorneys get acquainted with their client’s business operations to better prepare the business for disputes that may occur at some future point. Formation of the optimum corporate structure depends upon the organization’s business model and goals, so it is important to determine the most appropriate business entity format. In some instances, a conflict will arise between a business and a supplier or other company. Experienced business lawyers can help decision makers implement the best corporate structure and represent the organization in disputes.

Civil Litigation

A person involved in a civil litigation matter may receive an injunction. The person seeking the injunction must prove the need for the court order. If an injunction is not in accordance with state law, the court will declare it invalid. Also, in the event a court has rendered a decision, there may be limits as to what aspects of the ruling can be appealed. In some instances, the court may declare that an issue that was or should have been addressed in trial cannot be examined again during appeal.

Election Law

Whether concerned with illegal election activity or something else, you and your team have rallied to get where your campaign for elected office is currently situated, so it is important to have a team of election lawyers standing by to represent your campaign in any legal action that might be required. Elections are often tightly contested, drawn-out legal battles, with the victor determined only after ballot recounts and all possible legal avenues in court have been exhausted. You need a lawyer who understands what is at stake for your campaign.

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Client Reviews
Guest and Gray law firm is wonderful. I have had the chance to work with three of the lawyers and they all have been wonderful. They will tell you when you need a lawyer and when you don't. They actually try to save you money. They respond very fast to questions and try to help you understand what is going on. They are caring and are really judgment free. If I needed a lawyer again I would use this firm in a second and recommend them. K.K.
I used Guest and Gray to deal with my ex wife's accusations of child neglect.I dealt with Robert Guest and Tracy Gray. Both were excellent attorneys and surpassed every expectation I had in fighting the false accusations. We Won ! M.B.
I used Guest & Gray for a child custody case and they were great. I was really nervous about the case but they took care of everything and answered all my questions. I would recommend their services to anyone. J.R.
I can highly recommend Guest and Gray. I have worked on a number of cases with Robert Guest and and Scott Gray and find it amazing how MOTIVATED they are to do everything they can for their clients, not to mention that there superior knowledge, etc. In criminal cases supportive relatives always want to know "what can I do" to help. Hire Guest and Gray. C.S.
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