Election Law

Is your race to close for comfort? Are you worried about mail-in ballots? Are you concerned that even if you and your team give your campaign everything you have, you might still be at the whim of an unscrupulous person with a pen? Has the worst already happened?

If these worries ring too familiar, or if you have already become the victim of voter fraud or other illegal election activity Guest and Gray can help. Our team of experienced election lawyers has seen elections stolen, and we have the resources and know-how to make sure that no candidate is the victim of voter fraud or ballot harvesting.

We have won recounts, voter fraud lawsuits, and election contests. We will not stop until an illegal election is overturned, and we will not rest until your lead is safe. Elections are not like other things in life, there is not an unlimited amount of time to fix problems, nor is there ever more than one slim chance to get it right if your election is tampered with. You can not afford to hire a lawyer who doesn't understand what is at stake or one who won't win

The right to vote is sacred: free and fair elections are not negotiable. Our lawyers know the dirty tricks and crooked games that can be used to steal an election, and we know how to put it a stop to them. We can help prepare your campaign for the possible legal pitfalls of an election-day ballot-board room. With our team monitoring your district, you will be in the best place you can be: we won't let anyone steal your election.

If you are the victim of voter fraud, or if you suspect that your election might not be fair, call Guest and Gray. We have lawyers ready to maintain your lead when your opponent files for a recount. And if your election needs to be challenged, we are one of the few firms with the experience and winning track record in rare and complicated election lawsuits.

When it's your race, you need Guest and Gray.