Family Law

Family law

Deciding to get divorced or separated is an incredibly difficult decision to make. The stress of a lawsuit involving your children can be overwhelming. You deserve the best family lawyers on your side.

Guest and Gray Law Firm is the largest and most successful local family law firm. We have the resources to take on the most challenging cases and a team that has decades of family law experience. If you have a family law case in Dallas, Rockwall, Kaufman or Tarrant County we will help you get the best result. Our team of experienced family lawyers has a track record of success and the highest ratings to show for it.

The Guest and Gray Law Firm Family Law Team

Most local family lawyers are solo lawyers and work alone. Do you want one lawyer working your case? Or a team of dedicated family attorneys? What happens if your solo attorney gets sick or goes on vacation when you have a legal emergency? That never happens at Guest and Gray Law Firm. We are always here when you need us.

Our team has successfully litigated hundreds of family cases in Dallas, Kaufman and Rockwall County. 

As with any other type of case, time is of the essence in family law matters. We ready to help you and your family. Regardless of whether your case is in Dallas, Rockwall, Kaufman or Tarrant County we will help you. Please call us at 972-564-4644 to schedule a consultation with one of our qualified attorneys.