5 Injured in Multi-Car Tyler Crash


Five people were hospitalized in Tyler, Texas, after a near head-on collision that caused a chain-reaction car accident. Four vehicles were involved in the wreck, which occurred during the evening hours on March 26. Authorities report that the accident occurred at the intersection of County Road 24 and Highway 31 East in Tyler.

Accident investigators said the collision happened when an SUV was unable to stop as it approached a line of cars waiting to make a left turn. The SUV swerved into oncoming traffic to avoid striking the other vehicles, instead striking a car nearly head-on as it headed in the opposite direction. The collision was so violent that it nearly ripped off the passenger’s side door on the oncoming car. The SUV rolled over at least twice in the collision.

It is not clear how the other two vehicles were involved in the collision.

Five victims were transported to local hospital facilities. Their physical conditions were not reported by media outlets, but emergency responders said that all victims were conscious shortly after the collision.

In this case, the at-fault driver appears to be the operator of the SUV, who was unable to stop before striking a line of stopped cars. It is not clear whether this person was driving while distracted, intoxicated or speeding. Incident investigators have not released specific information about whether charges will be filed in connection with this car accident.

The victims in this case include the drivers of all vehicles, along with one passenger. The driver of the SUV will likely be liable for the victims’ medical bills. These medical costs could skyrocket, considering the severity of the collision; any time a rollover accident occurs, emergency responders assume that serious injury has occurred. As a result, the at-fault driver could be subject to a set of civil lawsuits to recover damages for medical costs.

In addition, the victims could consider suing the at-fault driver for other compensatory and punitive claims. These could include pain and suffering, along with potential disfigurement and emotional distress, depending on the severity of their injuries. All victims should consult with a qualified personal injury attorney to discuss their legal options.

Source: http://www.kltv.com/story/21802214/five-hospitalized-in-four-vehicle-accident