Business & Commercial Litigation

Business meetingRockwall and Kaufman County Business Lawyer

At Guest and Gray Law Firm we understand the needs of local business owners. We are one the largest employers in the Rockwall and Kaufman County legal community and we have faced many of the same challenges that most local business owners face. From forming the right corporate structure, drafting contracts, to handling employment issues we get it. Running a business is tough enough and you want a law firm who can not only solve your current legal problems, but prevent more problems from happening in the future. That’s where Guest and Gray Law Firm can help you.

Forming a Corporation or Partnership

Our Rockwall and Kaufman County business attorneys have the experience you need to start your business on the right foot by forming the right kind of corporation or partnership. We understand that you have many choices in corporate structure, and choosing the right business entity depends on your goals and business model. Our business lawyers have been helping local entrepreneurs for decades. We are the largest local business law firm, and we are also one of the oldest Rockwall or Kaufman County law firms.

Business Litigation

We have fighting and winning business lawsuits and disputes for decades. You may have a problem with a supplier, or with a breach of contract claim. You may have a non-compete agreement that has to be enforced. Maybe the city or state government is suing you over a code violation. These are all areas in which the Guest and Gray Law Firm business law team has gotten results for our clients.

We also offer legal services in the following areas

We offer free confidential consultations for all Rockwall and Kaufman County business cases. Call today and we can meet you in our Forney or Rockwall office.