Crandall Divorce and Family Attorneys

If you need or are considering a divorce in Crandall, the Crandall divorce lawyers at Guest and Gray Law Firm can help. Family law be emotionally taxing and legally confusing. Our Crandall lawyers are very familiar with the divorce laws and how things work in Kaufman County. Most of our family law team members grew up in and live in Kaufman County. Two of our attorneys are former presidents of the Kaufman County Bar Associations, and another of our attorneys is the current vice president of the Kaufman County Bar Association. We understand Crandall and Kaufman County family law, and we have helped many Crandall parents and children, husbands and wives, get the best result.

Guest and Gray Law Firm is the largest law firm in Kaufman County with the highest customer satisfaction ratings of any Kaufman County family law firm. Meeting the needs of our Crandall divorce clients is our most important goal, and we are proud that so many of our former clients were satisfied with our representation. If you are facing a divorce in Crandall, you may run into a variety of issues in the divorce process. Nothing is more important than you children. The Crandall divorce lawyers at Guest and Gray Law Firm will fight for whatever is best for your child. We understand how to make the custody and visitation laws work for you. Count on our decades of family law experience to protect your children.

Some important issues in a divorce case must be dealt with twice. Often, temporary orders are needed to determine what is to happen while the divorce is pending. Who will have custody of the children temporarily? What will visitation be like? How much child support should be paid? Which party is going to stay in the marital residence? Who is responsible for the payment of certain bills? Is any spousal maintenance necessary? The Crandall divorce attorneys at Guest and Gray Law Firm will be diligent in making sure that you get what you need and what you are entitled to during the pendency of your divorce.

In addition to the issues related to children discussed above, the assets and debts that parties have accumulated must also be dealt with before a divorce can be finalized. Absent fault in the breakup of the marriage, each party is entitled to one-half of the community estate. Common assets that need to be divided are home equity, money in bank accounts, vehicles, and retirement accounts. Sometimes the sale of the marital residence and a split of the proceeds from the sale are a necessity in a Crandall divorce. Debts must also be dealt with. Common debts are mortgages, car payments, and credit card debt. Each party is responsible for half of any debt accumulated during marriage.

These are only some of the issues that can arise during the divorce process. If family violence has occurred, temporary restraining orders and protective orders may need to be discussed. If you have questions about any of these issues or anything related to a Crandall divorce, please contact our office to set up a time to meet with one of our Crandall divorce lawyers in a free initial consultation. Our Crandall lawyers will be happy to sit down and discuss the options available to you.