Drunk driver facing manslaughter charges for Sept. accident

A young woman responsible for a deadly car accident that caused three fatalities in September 2012 is now facing three counts of manslaughter, along with two counts of intoxication assault. Local officers report that the drunk-driving accident happened near Mathis, Texas, on Interstate 37. The suspect is currently free on $100,000 bail, though she will be required to make further court appearances in coming weeks.

Official accident reports show that the woman swerved across the median while driving along the interstate. This action launched her vehicle into the air, causing it to ultimately land upon a Volkswagen that was carrying two of the victims. That Volkswagen was traveling in the opposite direction as the suspect, according to accident reports. Fatalities in the incident included one passenger in the suspect's vehicle, along with two young victims in the other car.

An 18-year-old female victim left behind a toddler that will now be raised by her grandmother. That woman appeared in Texas court during the suspect's initial hearing, urging strict punishment because of the defendant's bad decision-making. The suspect is accused of killing several promising young students who will now be prevented from attending college and raising their own children.

The defendant's father has been required to install an ignition interlock in his vehicle; even though the suspect is not supposed to be driving, she still has access to that car. The courts are taking preventive measures to ensure that she does not get behind the wheel while drunk. Even so, relatives of the decedents argue that these measures are inadequate, and they believe the woman will drive drunk again in the near future. The interlock is unlikely to keep the woman off the road, according to family members.

Furthermore, relatives of the decedents said they did not see any signs of true remorse from the woman, who appeared stoic throughout the courtroom proceedings.

The suspect could be the subject of civil litigation even if she avoids criminal punishment. Family member of the decedents could seek financial compensation for wrongful death, long with pain and suffering, emotional distress and loss of consort. Furthermore, the suspect could be sued for outstanding medical bills, funeral costs and attorneys' fees for the victim's relatives.

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