Family Law Consultations


Welcome to Guest and Gray Law Firm! My name is Scott Gray, I'm a Partner and Chief of the Family Law Division.

We know that this is a scary process and that you have many questions. I am here to help you work through that fear and anxiety. I will answer all of your questions to the best of my ability and I can assure you will leave feeling relieved and happy that you met with me. We will go over your case in detail and anything that you say to me is and will remain confidential.

Before you and I meet, there are just a few things that I need to know about you. Please see the attached Family Intake Form and please fill it out completely. For anything you do not know the answer to, please write "unknown" in that blank.

Sometimes it is helpful if you write your questions down because I am sure there are a million thoughts running through your mind and certain things you do not want to forget. A helpful list of items that you must bring to the consult is below.

Please bring:

  • Your completed intake form
  • All documents that you have been served with
  • All previous orders (if seeking a modification or enforcement)

I look forward to meeting with you. Have a blessed day. Together, we can get the best result in your family law case. 

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