Forney, Texas Agreed Divorce Lawyer

Not every divorce case has to be a war of endless litigation. We encourage our clients to have goals for settling their case and to always weigh the costs and benefits of litigation. An agreed divorce can be a way to save money, and still get a great result in your case. Our Forney office has a family law team with the experience to help you get through this process quickly and without the expense of protracted litigation. We offer agreed divorce services in Kaufman County, Rockwall County, and Dallas County.

What is an agreed divorce?
It’s a divorce case where the parties agree to all issues amongst themselves without a judge or jury deciding the issues for them. It’s is similar to mediation in that it leaves the parties in control of the outcome of their case.

How does a Kaufman County Agreed Divorce case work?
You should meet with Scott Gray our agreed divorce associate. Scott offers free family law consultations and will be glad to walk you through the process. Our office can only represent one spouse is an agreed divorce. No lawyer can represent both parties in a divorce case.

The nature of an agreed divorce is that the parties must agree on everything. And by everything, I mean every issue that arises must be solved between the parties. If not, the agreed divorce becomes a regular contested divorce.

First, you need to identify all the assets and liabilities of the marital state. Our office can provide you with forms to help prepare this inventory.

What do you own? What did you acquire during the marriage?. Make a list of these assets. And include everything- house, cars, boats, TVs, furniture, appliances, stocks, retirement funds etc.

What did you own before the marriage? Make a list of these assets as well. Then determine what your debts are; mortgages, credit cards etc. You will need to reach an agreement for who gets what, and who will be responsible for what debt. You should note that if both parties are listed on a debt, the original creditor will still hold both parties liable for repayment.

Second, are their children involved? If so, your lawyer and your spouse will need to reach a complete agreement on every issue involving the children- custody, visitation, insurance, and child support to name a few.

Finally, our agreed divorce team will help you draft the agreement and settle issues that arise during the process of reaching a complete agreement.