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Should I Hire a Lawyer After a Car or Truck Accident?

You live in or around Rockwall County or Kaufman County and were recently in an accident with a passenger vehicle, eighteen wheeler, semi, tractor-trailer, or other large commercial truck. The accident wasn’t your fault, but your vehicle was damaged and you have some medical expenses already. Someone might have already called and offered you a settlement. Why should you make the effort to hire an attorney to represent you in your car or truck accident case when you already have what seems like a quick settlement? The last thing that an insurance or trucking company wants you to do after an accident is to hire a lawyer. These companies know that they will then have to pay you a fair amount for the harm they caused you. Guest and Gray Law Firm has two conveniently located offices in Rockwall County. Our skilled attorneys will work to make sure that the people who hurt you are held responsible.

Trucking and insurance companies are experienced at damage control when their truck driver employees or the people they insure cause accidents and injure other drivers. Like all businesses, they do not want to spend more than they absolutely have to spend. Claims adjusters or company representatives usually will offer you a settlement just days after the accident, when you are still in shock from the accident or even in pain from injuries. They might even pressure you by putting a very short time limit on the offer in an attempt to keep you from consulting with friends, medical services, and legal counsel.

While some of the trucking company employees or car insurance claims adjusters might sound friendly, they are trained to manipulate you. Their job is to pay you the smallest amount possible to get you to give up your legal right to recover for your injuries. A common tactic is to imply that your case is not very good. Next, the people offering the settlement will say it is fair or even generous. But in most cases the first settlement offer is very small compared to what your case is actually worth. Remember, these quick settlement offers might seem attractive, but they are usually lowball offers. These individuals are experts at paying out as little as possible and are not thinking of your pain and injuries.

Rushing into a settlement and giving up your right to sue for your injuries might end up costing you more in the long run, which is not fair to you. Even what seems like “minor” injuries might actually lead to long-term medical problems. When you are injured, don’t get hurt again by accepting less than the full value of your case. Guest and Gray Law Firm lawyers have represented many trucking accident ad car wreck victims in Rockwall County and Kaufman County. We force the big companies to take responsibility. The experienced and skilled team of attorneys at Guest and Gray Law Firm will be happy to deal with the high-pressure tactics of the big companies and get you the compensation you deserve.

Client Reviews
Guest and Gray law firm is wonderful. I have had the chance to work with three of the lawyers and they all have been wonderful. They will tell you when you need a lawyer and when you don't. They actually try to save you money. They respond very fast to questions and try to help you understand what is going on. They are caring and are really judgment free. If I needed a lawyer again I would use this firm in a second and recommend them. K.K.
I used Guest and Gray to deal with my ex wife's accusations of child neglect.I dealt with Robert Guest and Tracy Gray. Both were excellent attorneys and surpassed every expectation I had in fighting the false accusations. We Won ! M.B.
I used Guest & Gray for a child custody case and they were great. I was really nervous about the case but they took care of everything and answered all my questions. I would recommend their services to anyone. J.R.
I can highly recommend Guest and Gray. I have worked on a number of cases with Robert Guest and and Scott Gray and find it amazing how MOTIVATED they are to do everything they can for their clients, not to mention that there superior knowledge, etc. In criminal cases supportive relatives always want to know "what can I do" to help. Hire Guest and Gray. C.S.