How to choose the best lawyer for your Rockwall Divorce case

It’s hard to know where to start when you decide to find the best family lawyer for your Rockwall divorce case. No one wants to get divorced, and the stress of choosing the right lawyer can be overwhelming. You have to get this right, nothing is more important than your family and your future. This is not a situation where you want to settle for that lawyer who did your cousin’s traffic ticket and also happens to do divorces on the side. You need a team of dedicated Rockwall family attorneys.

Comparing Rockwall divorce lawyers can be difficult. Sites like Avvo will let you search client reviews of Rockwall Divorce Lawyers. You can get a list of highly of Rockwall Divorce Lawyers and start scheduling consultations. Our family law team features the highest rated attorneys. There is no firm with as many 5 star client reviews as Guest and Gray Law Firm.

Price is also a concern. Who can you afford? How much will a Rockwall Divorce cost? Great questions. Most family lawyers bill by the hour and charge a retainer to get started. At Guest and Gray Law Firm we operate with this system. You will need to find a lawyer who can work with your budget. Ask each lawyer what their retainer is, and how much they anticipate the case costing if it gets litigious. Also, find out if the firm has a certified family law mediator on staff. That makes it easier to settle issues and avoid costly litigation when possible.

In Rockwall divorce cases, experience and resources matter. How many lawyers does the firm have? How many family cases has the firm had? Many family lawyers are solo. That means if your lawyer has a case that is taking up his or her time that week, you have to wait. A solo attorney can only work so many hours in a week, and if your calls aren’t getting returned, it’s probably because your solo family lawyer is too tired to keep working on your case at that time. If a solo attorney gets sick or goes on vacation, nothing can happen on your case. It’s hard being a solo family lawyer, we understand, but that shouldn’t effect the outcome of your case, and it might.

What if you need an emergency order while your lawyer is on the beach in Mexico? You’ll have to wait. At Guest and Gray Law Firm we have a Rockwall family law team. We have 6 attorneys who work together to get the best result. We have the resources to take on the most challenging cases. We have a large staff of experienced family law assistants and paralegals. Our clients and their families are priority number one.

You should meet with our Rockwall family team and find out how Guest and Gray Law Firm can help you get the best result in your Rockwall divorce case. Call today.