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Rockwall Family Law Attorneys

Are you facing a divorce or family law case in Rockwall County? I am Tracy Gray, Chief of the Guest and Gray Law Firm Rockwall Family Law Division. Let’s talk about the divorce process in Rockwall County. Your divorce begins during our initial consultation. We need to talk about your goals and concerns. What can we do to protect you financially as we complete the divorce, and how can we start planning for your life after divorce. 

We will need to inventory the assets of the marital estate, and determine if you have any separate property. The most common separate property are items you acquired before the marriage, or by gift or inheritance. We will fight to protect your separate property, and we have experience in both large asset, and simple estate divorces.

Do you have children? We understand the fears and concerns that every parent brings to a divorce case. We will make a plan for your children’s future. We will need to establish a plan for where your children will live and go to school, for their health insurance requirements, and for child support. Your kids are always the priority at Guest and Gray.

After we have a plan for your Rockwall County divorce, we will draft and file an initial petition. We will typically ask for a temporary orders hearing. Temporary Orders are the rules and guidelines for the divorce while it is pending. Temporary orders will determine who lives in the marital home, who gets to use which vehicle, which party pays utilities, who can use certain credit cards etc.

In cases with children, temporary orders will establish a possession schedule and child support. These hearings often are settled by agreement, but sometimes required a contested hearing in front of the judge. There are pros and cons to reaching an agreement or having a hearing. Our firm can help advise you on how to get the best result at your temporary orders hearing.

After the temporary orders hearing, we will make a plan to finalize your divorce case. We can consider sending discovery, requesting depositions, setting the case for mediation, or move for a final trial date. We have a certified family law mediator on staff who will help prepare you for mediation. Our Rockwall family attorneys have years of experience and collectively settled or litigated hundreds of family law cases. Your family is unique, your needs are unique, and at Guest and Gray Law Firm your goals are our goals. We are ready to help you. Call our Rockwall divorce team today.

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Client Reviews
Guest and Gray law firm is wonderful. I have had the chance to work with three of the lawyers and they all have been wonderful. They will tell you when you need a lawyer and when you don't. They actually try to save you money. They respond very fast to questions and try to help you understand what is going on. They are caring and are really judgment free. If I needed a lawyer again I would use this firm in a second and recommend them. K.K.
I used Guest and Gray to deal with my ex wife's accusations of child neglect.I dealt with Robert Guest and Tracy Gray. Both were excellent attorneys and surpassed every expectation I had in fighting the false accusations. We Won ! M.B.
I used Guest & Gray for a child custody case and they were great. I was really nervous about the case but they took care of everything and answered all my questions. I would recommend their services to anyone. J.R.
I can highly recommend Guest and Gray. I have worked on a number of cases with Robert Guest and and Scott Gray and find it amazing how MOTIVATED they are to do everything they can for their clients, not to mention that there superior knowledge, etc. In criminal cases supportive relatives always want to know "what can I do" to help. Hire Guest and Gray. C.S.