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Adoption: What if the Birth Parents Change Their Minds?

You have decided to adopt a child. Whether you are a foster parent or a first-time mom or dad seeking information about adoption, you can find out about adoption processes and Rockwall County law right here! Many people are concerned about the things they think could go wrong with an adoption: What happens, for example, if the birth mother changes her mind? Can the child’s father block the adoption from happening? While we cannot deny the risks associated with adopting, we can help you negotiate the legal requirements that can bring your youngster home.

In general, birth mothers cannot consent to the adoption until the child is actually born. This is true even though many Rockwall adoptions occur before the birth. The birth mother may even receive financial support from the adoptive family for medical costs and other expenses. Even though the adoptive family may have provided significant resources, the birth mother can generally change her mind very easily. In some states, the grace period may be as long as six months, but Rockwall County residents’ adoptions are considered final after the birth mother signs all relinquishment’s.

It is important to remember that the birth mother may not sign any forms surrendering her child until 48 hours have passed after the birth. She will have full parental rights until she signs the relinquishment papers that transfer custody to the adoptive family. The birth father may also have parental rights if he did not relinquish them during the woman’s pregnancy.

Thus, Texans generally do not have to worry about birth mothers’ attempts to recover their child weeks after the relinquishment’s have been submitted. Depending on the type of paperwork you file, the woman may be able to revoke the relinquishment’s, but only during the 11 days immediately following the filing of the initial paperwork. Birth fathers are also bound by these same rules.

Adoptive parents who have secured proper relinquishment’s after the 48-hour grace period are almost guaranteed to be able to keep their child. Legal challenges do arise, however; that is where our skills as qualified attorneys can be employed. Adoptive parents in Rockwall County who think their rights have been violated should consider legal assistance from our family attorney, Tracy Gray. Mrs. Gray has years of experience handling complicated adoption cases throughout East Texas, and she is fully prepared to provide you with the assistance you need. She also provides consultations at no cost.

If you are concerned about your rights as adoptive parents, call our office today. The legal help we provide can guarantee a smooth transition for both you and your new child!