Child Custody

Child Custody Law In Rockwall County Texas

There is no more important issue in a case than child custody. Our clients are routinely awarded primary custody over their children, and we work to maximize visitation in every case. We understand the stress and anxiety parents feels about the child custody process. We have helped parents in the most challenging of child custody situations, including cases of abuse, neglect, substance abuse, arrest (parent or child) and mental health issues. We have the largest local family law team. No child custody case is too difficult for Guest and Gray Law Firm’s experienced Rockwall family lawyers.

To Agree, Or Not Agree, That Is The Question

In many cases we can help our client reach an agreement with the other parent on child custody. Agreed custody cases have many advantages included lower cost and more control over the process. Not ever case can be settled by agreement. What our family team does is make a plan for custody with our clients. We will help you design a custody agreement that works for you and your unique situation. Then, if we can reach an agreement for custody, we can avoid having a Rockwall family judge decide this issue.

Best Interest of the Child

In Rockwall Child Custody cases the Standard is always “best interest of the child”. That is, the judge will decide which parents gets primary custody based on what he/she believes is in the child best interest. This is a very broad standard and allows the judge to consider many factors when making this important decision. Our team has experience litigating child custody issues to a judge. We know what to emphasize and how to prepare you for court. You can count on our child custody experience to help you and your children.

If you are child custody case can not be solved with an agreement, then we can have a judge decide. This can be a risky move in that you lose control over the terms of the child custody order. A judge may order things neither parent wants, or even considered. So it’s not a move to be taken lightly. However, some cases can’t be settled and we must prepare for a contested hearing.

Things To Consider In a Child Custody Case

Where should the children live? In general the court wants the children to stay in a routine if they are flourishing. How are the kids doing in school? Do they have a support group of friends and family where they live know? If so, then the judge may order that the children stay in a certain school district, city, or county.

In cases where we believe the other parent may be awarded custody (for example, statistically speaking mothers usually get custody of the children) then we can ask the judge for a “geographic restriction” to limit where the kids live.

Our Rockwall Child Custody team is ready to help. Call today so we start working to protect you and your children. Consultations are always free. We have locations in Rockwall and Forney to serve you.