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Temporary Orders Rockwall County

How Temporary Court Orders are Used in Divorce?

Divorce is a time of uncertainty and confusion for many clients. Parents wonder how they will make ends meet until their divorce decree is finalized, along with child custody, spousal support and child support provisions. Courts in Rockwall County do not always move rapidly to help couples who need quick answers, so they often issue temporary orders instead. These temporary provisions are designed to satisfy the couple’s needs until a formal agreement has been made; like any court order, they are legally binding. Let’s examine some of the reasons you might pursue a temporary order before your divorce documents are finalized.

Many temporary orders in Rockwall County are related to child custody and support. These documents can outline how much support should be paid, along with provisional custody agreements during the divorce. Temporary visitation schedules can also be created to protect the rights of the non-custodial parent. Financial responsibilities such as private school tuition, health insurance and other critical purchases can also be delineated, along with the need for a guardian ad litem. This person makes legal decisions that are in the best interest of children involved in a divorce.

Spousal support can also be addressed through temporary court orders. The “moneyed,” or higher-earning, spouse generally pays a specified amount to the lower-income spouse. The courts might also require the moneyed spouse to pay a certain percentage of the mortgage and other bills while property division negotiations continue. These spousal support payments can take the form of either directly paid funds or payment toward existing bills.

Finally, key financial issues can also be addressed through a temporary court order. These factors can include the use of the marital home, which spouse will be responsible for mortgage payments and who will be required to pay utility bills. Household item division can also be included in these orders, along with the provisional distribution of credit card and other debts.

Family attorney Tracy Gray can help you determine whether you should seek a temporary court order from courts in Rockwall County. Mrs. Gray has a significant amount of experience with all aspects of family law in East Texas, and she is prepared to help you get the money you need to stay afloat financially during your divorce. If you are a custodial parent or non-moneyed spouse seeking additional funds while your divorce is in progress, consider scheduling a no-cost consultation with Mrs. Gray today.

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