Rockwall Family Law Resources

Divorce is by far the most common family law issue, and it often encompasses the second most common issue, child custody. Here is a short video on the Rockwall County Divorce Process

Child custody is the second most common family law issue, but it always the most important because the well-being of your children is our principal concern. There are many issues related to child custody. 

First, there is the issue of conservatorship. Which parents gets to decide where the children live and go to school? What visitation should the non-custodial parent have? Should we use a standard visitation schedule, or do we need a custom possession order? How about 50/50? Read this post for some tips about making visitation work: Rockwall County Visitation

Second, there is the issue of child support. What does the law say about child support? What is the proper amount? Read this post for an explanation of child support law: Rockwall County Child Support.

Temporary Orders are usually the first contested hearing in a family law case. A temporary orders hearing will set the ground rules for how parties will behave while the divorce is pending and covers many issues from custody to use of the house.

Mediation is a way to settle a divorce without having a trial. We have seen some of our toughest and most challenging cases successfully resolved in mediation. 

One way to avoid things like temporary orders is to come to an agreement with the other party prior to filing suit. If you do that, you can use an attorney to make sure the paperwork is done properly and the proper steps are taken to complete your divorce properly. Hiring an attorney to litigate is much more expensive than having them assist with an agreed divorce. If you’d like to know more about agreed divorces, please read this post: Rockwall County Agreed Divorce.

Grandparent rights are an issue we see more and more frequently lately. There are three avenues for a grandparent to obtain rights to a grandchild. To find out more about those three options, please read this post: Rockwall County Grandparent Rights. If you have more questions about the issues discussed above or any other family law matters, please contact a Rockwall family law attorney at Guest and Gray Law Firm. One of our attorneys would be happy to sit down with you. Call today for a free initial consultation (972) 564-4644.