Do I need to hire an attorney after I was in a wreck with a truck?

Insurance company representatives will tell you that you don’t. The last thing that an insurance company or large commercial trucking company wants you to do after an accident is hire a lawyer. These companies are experienced at dealing with people injured by their drivers or employees and hope to get you to settle before you have someone on your side to help you. What often happens is a claims adjuster or company representative will offer you a small cash settlement soon after the accident. They might even pressure you by putting a very short time limit on the offer. This is an attempt to keep you from consulting with friends, medical services, and legal counsel. You should consult with an attorney BEFORE you answer any questions. The people who contact you after an accident are trying to get any evidence they can that implies that you are at fault. Even if the employees or claims adjusters sound friendly, keep in mind that they are trying to pay you the smallest amount possible—whether or not that amount pays your damages and medical expenses.

What does a truck accident attorney offer me?

The Guest and Gray Law Firm Rockwall County and Kaufman County teams are experienced advocates who can help you when you have been in an accident with an eighteen wheeler, semi, tractor-trailer, or other large commercial truck. When you have independent legal representation, insurance companies and trucking companies know that you will have to be treated fairly and with respect. Hiring the Guest and Gray Law Firm truck accident team shows companies that you won’t settle for a tiny settlement payment. Our team will work to help you receive the money that you need to pay your medical expenses, property damage, damaged vehicle, and other injuries. It isn’t greedy, selfish, or rude to make sure that the big business that hurt you is held responsible. Texas law provides for your financial recovery when you are injured by trucking companies. Our skilled attorneys will work to make sure that the people who hurt you are held responsible.

How long should I wait to contact the Guest and Gray Law Firm trucking accident team?

When you are injured, don’t be wronged even more by accepting a quick settlement that is much less than what you should get—call us today. The experienced Guest and Gray Law Firm team of truck accident lawyers has represented many wreck victims in Rockwall County and Kaufman County. We will be happy to deal with the sneaky tactics of the big companies and get you the compensation you deserve. Call us today for your free, no-pressure consultation. We understand how to get the best results in your case and are conveniently located right here in Rockwall, TX. Speaking of results, we have secured verdicts for our Rockwall County clients with damage awards of over one million dollars in car and truck wreck cases. No case is too challenging for the Guest and Gray Law Firm personal injury team. Call us so you can be represented by the car accident team that gets results!