How much do trucking accident lawyers charge?

Your consultation with the Guest and Gray Law Firm personal injury team is completely free. When you hire a personal injury attorney for your truck accident case, you don’t pay any money up front. Instead, Guest and Gray Law Firm truck accident lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. This means that the truck accident team is paid a certain percentage of any damages you are awarded; this percentage is something you agree upon in advance. If your case does not result in any damages, you do not owe any attorney’s fees. The Guest and Gray Law Firm trucking accident team doesn’t get paid unless you do. If you have been in an accident with a large commercial truck, eighteen wheeler, or semi-truck, contact us for help.

What are the main advantages of contingency fee arrangements?

There are several advantages of a contingency fees agreement. First, there’s no stress about scraping up thousands of dollars for a retainer, especially since you were just in an accident and have various bills stacking up. Another important consideration is that you do not owe attorney’s fees if the attorney cannot win or settle your case. So, you avoid the financial risk of an hourly rate where you could lose a case but still have to pay a significant amount of money. And since both you and your attorney will benefit financially from an award of damages, your attorney is also motivated to secure the largest possible settlement or judgment.

Why shouldn’t I just negotiate a settlement myself?

Insurance companies and trucking companies can be quick to offer you a settlement up front. Even though representatives from insurance companies and trucking companies might sound friendly and sympathetic on the phone, keep in mind that their goal is to pay you as little as possible. The first settlement offered is usually very small and not enough to cover your property damage, pain, suffering, medical expenses, future medical bills, etc. The Guest and Gray Law Firm truck accident team has the experience to help you discover the full amount of your damages and force the people responsible for your injuries to make you a fair offer. We have the expertise needed to successfully represent you in court as well as access to accident investigators and accident reconstruction experts. You should have someone on your side with your interests in mind and the skill to negotiate with big companies.

How do I know that Guest and Gray Law Firm is the right firm for me?

Guest and Gray Law Firm is the largest and best reviewed law firm in Kaufman County for personal injury and wrongful death claims. Our outstanding team of personal injury attorneys has over thirty years of combined experience representing families in personal injury actions. We will evaluate your situation and help you decide what steps to take after your truck accident. To get started, please call the Guest and Gray Law Firm trucking accident team or visit any of our three convenient locations in Kaufman, Rockwall, or Forney. Texas law allows you to claim compensation when you’re hurt by a trucking company—we make the law work for you.