Car and Truck Accidents on Highway 80

Highway 80 begins east of Dallas near Mesquite and travels through Kaufman County. Highway 80 runs through Sunnyvale, Forney, Terrell and continues east into Wills Point. Highway 80 is a smaller highway with only 4 lanes (2 each way) of traffic. Given the amount of growth in Forney and Kaufman County our firm has seen an increase in car and truck accidents in Mesquite, Sunnyvale and Forney as commuters increasingly meet with more commercial traffic (trucks and 18 wheelers) on Highway 80.

If you commute in the morning east on Highway 80 into Dallas you know how often traffic is stopped because of a car or truck accident. Many commuters are injured due to negligent drivers who make poor decisions in heavy rush hour traffic. If you are injured in a car or truck accident on Highway 80 we can help. Guest and Gray Law Firm is the largest and best-reviewed car accident law firm in Forney and Kaufman County. Our lawyers are familiar with how dangerous highway 80 can be, and how lives can changed forever from a car or truck accident.

Many of those injured on 80 end up at the Forney or Sunnyvale emergency room. Those with critical injures are often transferred to Dallas hospitals.

How much is a consultation with a Guest and Gray Law Firm car accident lawyer?

Free. Gratis. Nothing. Zero. If you can not make it to our office we can visit you at home or in the hospital.

How much does Guest and Gray Law Firm charge in injury and accident cases?

Our car and truck injury lawyers work on what is called a contingent fee. That means you pay us nothing unless we recover. We take all the risk in these cases. If we litigate your case for years and do not recover, then we do not bill you for our services.

I have been injured in a car or truck accident on highway 80, what should I do?

First, seek medical attention if you are injured. Our goal is to make sure you recover physically and financially from your car or truck accident. Often those who are injured may not have medical insurance and are worried about the cost of medical services. If that is a concern then call our lawyers today and we can help walk you through the process. Our firm has decades of car and truck accident experience.

What if the insurance company calls and offer me a settlement check?

You should never represent yourself in a car accident case. The insurance companies know they can trick you into settling for pennies on the dollar. That is how they make money, by offering you as little as possible and hoping you settle. Don’t be victimized again by the insurance company. Our lawyers know the tricks they use and we will protect you.

Call today and meet the Guest and Gray Law Firm injury and accident legal team. We are ready to fight for you.