Child Injury

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has some shocking statistics on child injuries. First of all, injuries from things like car crashes, falls, poisoning, fires and suffocation are the #1 cause of death among children in the U.S. And for every child that dies from an injury, 25 are hospitalized, 925 are treated in emergency rooms and many more are treated in doctors' offices. All these injuries led to over 11 billion in medical costs resulting from child injuries in 2005. Unfortunately, child injuries are a prevalent and serious reality.

The causes of these injuries are numerous and often preventable. For example, children can be protected from injury in a car accident if the proper child safety seats are used. Suffocation, which has been on the rise as a cause of child injury and death, can be prevented by making sure infants are placed on their backs on a firm surface to sleep. Injuries from falls can be prevented by having children play in areas with soft landing spots like sand boxes or mats. And protective gear is a must when children are playing sports or are involved in other activities with lots of movement. Drowning can be prevented by simply paying proper attention to children around water. Injuries caused by fire can be prevented with proper equipment like smoke alarms and fire sprinkler systems. And poisoning, which is also on the rise as a cause of injury to children, can be prevented simply by taking appropriate precautionary measures to keep harmful substances out of the reach of children.

If your child has suffered an injury from these causes or any other because of the negligence or failure to take the proper care or precaution of another responsible for the care of your child, you deserve to be compensated for any medical expenses, incurred and ongoing, as well as the pain and suffering that is sure to occur when your child is injured.

The personal injury attorneys at Guest and Gray Law Firm in Forney have over 30 combined years of experience handling personal injury claims. We want to fight so that you can be compensated for all you have lost and suffered as a result of your child being injured. Depending on the situation, we are prepared to negotiate a fair settlement to compensate you for your child's injuries. But if settlement negotiations do not produce an acceptable outcome, we are prepared to go to court and fight to get you everything you deserve. Call Guest and Gray Law Firm today to set up your free initial consultation so that we can begin to discuss your case and the options available to you.