Dog Bite, Animal Attacks

Some of the most disturbing personal injuries are suffered as a result of a dog attack. And they’re more frequent than you might think. Millions of people are bitten by dogs each year in America, and the number of injuries sustained from dog attacks grows each year. These attacks can be traumatic and can lead to serious injuries including death.

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Dog bites and animal attacks can lead to many different injuries. Scarring, nerve damage, infection, psychological damage and even death can be the result of an animal attack.

Texas adheres to the “one bite rule.” The rule states that the victim of a dog bite can recover compensation from the owner if the dog bit someone previously or acted like it wanted to and if the owner knew of the dog’s previous conduct. The owner of the dog can also be held liable for negligence. The violation of an animal control law can result in liability. Texas also recognizes a cause of action when someone fails to stop an animal attack that has begun. In short, there are many ways a person can be held liable for the results of a dog bit or animal attack.

  • Almost every thirty seconds, someone in the United States seeks medical attention for a dog bite related injury.
  • In the United States, an estimate of one million (1,000,000) people, annually, require medical treatment for injuries related to dog bites.
  • More than 300,000 victims require hospitalization as a result of their dog bite injuries.

After a dog bite occurs, it is of the utmost important to take certain steps to collect evidence that allows doctors and other potential expert witnesses to evaluate any injuries. If you have been bitten, seek professional medical attention immediately.

A lawsuit can be a confusing and complex process that should be handled by attorneys with the necessary experience and knowledge to handle the case properly by gathering the relevant information and documentation, making a determination about the best course of action, and filing the appropriate claim on behalf of the victim.

We can provide you with an experienced attorney who is capable of and dedicated to getting you all the compensation you deserve for you injury. We can determine the best course of action to get the full value your claim possesses. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a dog bite or animal attack, call Guest and Gray Law Firm ay (972) 564-4644. We offer a free initial consultation. And we work on a contingency basis which means we only get paid for our services if there is a monetary recovery for you.