Family Law - Frequently Asked Questions

This is a guide of frequently asked questions in family law cases. Our family team has the answers you need and is ready to help you. If you need more information on a family law issue, we offer free family law consultations at Forney and Rockwall offices. Call Guest and Gray Law Firm today.

How can I get my spouse to quit talking to the children about our divorce case?

I bought our house before we got married, is that separate property?

I cannot afford our house without my husband’s income. Will he still have to pay the mortgage during the divorce?

I want to move for a new job, can I have my geographical restriction modified?

I don’t want my ex to know where I live, can I keep this information secret?

Do I have to wait three years to modify child support? What about custody? How long do I have to wait to modify a final family order?

I am concerned about the person my Ex is dating; can I modify my child custody orders to keep this person away from my child?

What is the law on terminating parental rights in Texas?

Can my Facebook page be used against me in a divorce?

What happens if I fail a drug test in a child custody case?

Can the Court order me to pay attorney’s fees in a suit affecting a parent-child relationship?

Can the Court change or modify a mediated settlement agreement in a family case?

My husband is having an affair, can I use that against him in a divorce case?

This divorce is not my fault. Can I get attorneys’ fees paid by my spouse?

Refusal to pay child support: What are your rights to make them pay?

How long does it take to finalize a divorce in Kaufman County?

My child does not want to visit her father; do I have to make her go?

What can I do if my ex stops paying child support?

Can I keep my ex from moving away with the children after the divorce?

Can my child tell the judge she wants to live with me?

Where do I file for a divorce? Jurisdictional Issues in Kaufman County Divorce Cases

Forney Divorce and Child Custody Issues: What is a Social Study?

Forney Child Support Issues: My ex is not paying child support, what should I do?

Forney Child Custody Issues: What is a Temporary Restraining Order?

I am not sure if I am the father of my child.  Do I need a lawyer?

What is a right of first refusal?

How do I get child support started?

How can I get a restraining order?