Kaufman County Car Accident Lawyer

No one plans on being in a car accident. Yet every year thousands of Texans are injured due to the negligence or reckless driving behavior of others. When you are injured in a car accident in Forney or Kaufman County, you need a local attorney with the experience to get you the money to recover and move forward with your life.

Dealing with the insurance companies

The insurance company is hoping you do not contact our office. They plan to offer you the least amount possible and pressure you to settle. That is how the maximize their profits, by denying you the money you deserve. Never sign an insurance settlement offer without speaking to our Kaufman County car accident legal team. We know the games that insurance companies play to take advantage of car accident victims. We will not let you be victimized twice, first by the reckless driver who hurt you, and again by a low-ball high pressure insurance settlement.

Local Kaufman County lawyers on your side

Scott Gray is the Chief of the Personal Injury division at Guest and Gray Law Firm. Scott and his father Don Gray have helped our clients recover millions in lost wages, pain and suffering, and medical expenses. Scott and Don Gray have decades of Kaufman County experience. Whether you need a settlement or a jury trial, there isn’t a situation that the Grays can not handle. They are the go-to Kaufman County personal injury lawyers and they are ready to fight for you.

Kaufman County Car Accident Injures

If you are injured in a Kaufman County car accident it is important to seek medical treatment. Many injuries will not appear until weeks or months after the accident. It is important to get diagnosed early so you can begin therapy and rehabilitation. Many car accident victims are reluctant to seek medical treatment because they fear the cost of medical services. Call Scott Gray today and he will tell you about his experience helping car accident victims, and how he has helped clients access the maximum value for medical fees in car accident cases.

Consultations are always free. If you can not make it to our Forney, Kaufman or Rockwall Office Scott will visit you. If you are in Sunnyvale, Forney, Kaufman, Terrell or Rockwall Hospital Scott will come to you and begin working immediately on your case. You have nothing to lose by talking to an experienced Forney personal injury lawyer. Find out why Scott is the highest ranked Forney personal injury lawyer on Avvo, an independent lawyer review site. Scott will fight for you, he will be there when the insurance company is pressuring you to settle.

Call today and let the Guest and Gray personal injury team work for you. The insurance company fears our lawyers, find out why.