Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles occupy a special place in the hearts of many Texans. Much like apple pie and rock and roll music, motorcycles are an important part of American culture. From James Dean to Steve McQueen, our society has idolized motorcycle enthusiasts for many decades. Bikes and their riders are often considered to be synonymous with “cool.”

Motorcycles’ small size and maneuverability makes them exhilarating to drive. Unfortunately, it also makes them harder for other drivers to see. And it is no secret that today’s motorists are often driving while distracted by high-tech gadgets like cell phones and navigation systems. In recent years, as many as one in four injury crashes have involved a distracted driver. Statistics like this are particularly alarming to motorcyclists. Motorcycles provide less protection than passenger cars and trucks, meaning that accidents involving bikes are more likely to result in serious injuries or death.

It is a sad reality that motorcyclists have developed a reputation for recklessness in the minds of many motorists. At Guest and Gray Law Firm, we know that this reputation is prejudicial and often unfounded. We have seen insurance companies and other drivers try to shift blame to innocent motorcyclists based on this false perception, and we do not tolerate it. But it is imperative that you hire an attorney with experience handling motorcycle cases to ensure that your rights are protected and you are not blamed for an accident caused by the actions of someone else. Our attorneys understand the catastrophic impact a motorcycle accident may have on your financial and physical well-being. You may be facing expensive medical bills, repair bills, lost wages, and possibly diminished future earning capacity all while experiencing pain and suffering. As you work to recover following a crash, you will need access to financial resources. In order to maximize the amount of compensation you receive, it is absolutely essential that you hire an attorney familiar with the unique aspects of motorcycle personal injury cases.

At Guest and Gray Law Firm, we represent clients throughout Texas who have been injured in motorcycle accidents caused by the negligence and recklessness of others. We are highly qualified help you recover the maximum available compensation from insurance companies or through personal injury lawsuits, whether you were injured in an accident caused by driver negligence, negligent road design, or a defective motorcycle. We urge you to contact our office today. Our attorneys are ready to work with you to design a custom plan to help you move smoothly through this stressful and scary time in your life. Let us fight to assert your legal rights so you can focus your energy on recovering from your accident.