Products Liability

As consumers, we trust that the products we buy are manufactured to work properly. We rely on the manufacturers of products to inform us of potential dangers associated with the use of their products and to provide us with reliable instructions on how to properly use their products. Dangerous or defective products can cause serious injuries, and otherwise safe products can become dangerous if used improperly.

Manufacturers have a duty to ensure their products are reasonably safe and fit for their intended use prior to selling them to consumers. A manufacturer that fails to meet this duty may be held strictly liable for injuries caused by the defective products. Defective products include those with design defects, manufacturing defects, or a failure to warn. A design defect means that a product may be dangerous even though it was manufactured according to specifications. In other words, even though the product was built as designed, it is still dangerous because of the way it was designed. Conversely, a product may have a manufacturing defect if it was designed properly but was not built according to specifications. A product that was made available to consumers without a clear and complete warning of any reasonably foreseeable hazards or without proper labels or instructions may be considered defective because of the manufacturer’s failure to warn.

At Guest and Gray Law Firm, we strongly believe that all products should be safe for consumer use. We are outraged by manufacturers who cut corners to save money and ultimately place a dangerous product on the market. Pursuing a defective product lawsuit often requires fighting against a wealthy corporation or a sophisticated insurance company. Because of this, it is very important to choose an attorney with experience handling product liability cases.

Our defective product attorneys have successfully represented clients in a wide variety of cases. Our team prides itself on standing up for the rights of local consumers as they seek compensation from manufacturers of dangerous and defective products. We will examine your case from every angle and determine how much compensation you will need to pay your current and future medical bills and to cover other expenses associated with injuries from a defective product. If you have been injured by a product that you believe is defective, we invite you to contact our office today.