Slip and Fall Accidents

Were you injured during a trip to the mall or grocery store? Did a dangerous of unsafe condition exist that caused your accident?

These injures are often referred to as “slip and fall” accidents. Personal injury lawyers call these “premises liability” cases. You may be able to recover financially from the business owners for such injuries resulting from their negligence.

What is the law on premises liability cases?

To recover on a premises liability theory, we must show that your injury resulted from a condition of the premises. We must also prove that the owner or operator of the premises has some knowledge of this dangerous condition. Finally we must show that the owner/operator did not exercise reasonable care to reduce the risk that caused your injuries.

The duty owed by an owner or occupier is to exercise reasonable care to protect against dangerous conditions on the premises that create an unreasonable risk of harm which it knew about, or by the exercise of reasonable care, would have discovered.

The threshold requirement for a premises liability claim is the existence of actual or constructive knowledge of a condition on the premises. That is, we must show that they knew about the condition. Many companies fill out accident reports when someone is hurt at their business and sometimes the company will have knowledge of a dangerous condition but choose not to fix it due to the cost or time involved. Instead they will risk the public’s safety and risk a lawsuit instead of doing the right thing.

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