Texting While Driving

What Would You Do?

Imagine that you weigh 4,000 pounds, as much as some adult elephants. You are hurtling along at an incredible 81 feet per second, almost twice the top speed of world-record-breaking runner Usain Bolt. All around you, there are people going about their regular business. There are children riding bikes, people walking dogs, parents pushing strollers across the road, and other runners within inches of you. You have to be alert and aware of the situation, watching every second to be sure that you are being safe and that you aren’t putting bystanders at risk. What would you choose to do if your phone rang with a text message alert? Would you check your phone for the next “LOL” and just hope that you don’t run into anyone? Of course not. You wouldn’t look away from the path because you know an accidental collision could seriously injure or even kill someone. But in real life, that is exactly what drivers around you choose to do every day. Statistics show that a driver who is traveling at 55 miles an hour when sending or receiving a text will take about 160 feet longer to stop than drivers who are paying attention to the road. United States government surveys show that a huge percentage of drivers admit to texting and driving on a daily basis. The Guest and Gray Law Firm personal injury team in Kaufman County understands texting and driving accidents.

Texting While Driving Injuries

387,000 people are hurt in car wrecks every year because of distracted driving, and 3,300 people are killed. In the United States, 38 states have banned texting while driving. Texas state law currently only bans texting while driving by young drivers, bus drivers, and drivers in school zones. But that doesn’t mean that you aren’t able to recover financially when you or someone you love is hurt by someone who chooses to text and drive. Guest and Gray Law Firm is the largest and best reviewed personal injury firm in Kaufman County, so you can be sure that you are getting the best when you hire our team. Our sympathetic and friendly attorneys will make sure that you receive the compensation that Texas law says you deserve when you or a loved one is hurt by a careless driver.

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You need representation by people who have your best interests in mind. Insurance companies and their attorneys want you to settle for the least money possible. Insurance adjusters will use all their tricks to save their employers money and often will offer settlements that won’t even cover your medical bills and property losses. But you can retain private counsel and show the insurance companies that you won’t be pushed around. When you have private counsel, you tell the big companies that you are serious and expect fair treatment. Call Guest and Gray Law Firm in Kaufman County as soon as possible after you have been involved in a texting and driving accident. Our team will handle pushy insurance agents, manage your case with care, and make sure that the people who hurt you are held responsible for their actions.