Truck and Car Accident Statistics in Kaufman County

Truck and car wrecks in happen in Kaufman County almost every day. Kaufman County had 1,393 vehicle crashes reported in 2012 to the Texas Department of Transportation. Of these reported crashes, 27% resulted in fatalities or serious injuries, and many of the crashes involved injuries to multiple people traveling in the same vehicle. Rural highways and farm-to-market roads accounted for the majority of the fatal car accidents, possibly due to the higher speed limits on these roads as well as the fact that emergency medical care is farther away. Many of the accidents involved drivers who were driving over the speed limits or drivers who were under the influence of alcohol. A relatively small number of crashes involved Commercial Motor Vehicle accidents, with only 68 reported in 2012, accounting for less than 5% of the total reported accidents in the county. These accidents were also statistically less likely to result in serious injuries or death than other types of crashes.

Because Kaufman County is located within the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex area, many residents commute to work in the DFW metroplex by traveling along US-80, US-175, or I-20. These roads are conduits from the three largest cities in the county: Terrell, Forney, and Kaufman. Just over one third of the total population of Kaufman County lives in these cities, resulting in more heavily traveled roads in these areas. Nearly half of the traffic accidents in Kaufman County reported to the Texas Department of Transportation in 2012 occurred in and around these three cities. So, as compared to the rest of the county, drivers who are particularly at risk are drivers who commute to the DFW metroplex from Terrell, Forney, or Kaufman via US 80, I-20, or US-175.

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