Rockwall Credit Card Lawsuit Attorney

Are you a Rockwall County resident being sued for credit card debt? Let the experienced attorneys at Guest and Gray Law Firm help you challenge the credit card lawsuit. There are laws that exist to protect consumers like you from inaccurate claims and shield you from unfair or harassing conduct. Don’t hesitate to contact the attorneys at our conveniently located office in Rockwall County if there is a credit card debt claim being brought against you.

Unpaid credit card debt is often sold by credit card companies to third-party debt collectors for a fraction of the total amount owed by consumers. The credit card debt records may or may not be accurate and complete. Many times there is only weak evidence or even no proof that you owe anything. You may not actually owe anything, or the amount being claimed by the companies could be inaccurate. Credit card companies or third-party collection agencies suing you for unpaid credit card debt must have documentation of any debt owed. Before you admit that you owe anything, contact the attorneys at Guest and Gray Law Firm’s Rockwall County office. We will evaluate your credit card debt case and make sure that the people attempting to collect from you have been honest and followed all the steps that the law requires.

An entire industry exists to purchase the right to collect on credit card bills from credit card companies. These third-party companies are not the ones who loaned money out to credit card users. Instead, they buy debt at a steep discount from credit card companies and then work to collect as much of the debt as they can to make a profit. Sometimes the collectors resort to questionable tactics. Debt collection companies might send intimidating letters to people, threaten to sue, or call over and over in an attempt to get you to admit that you owe them something. These bad practices are so frequent that there are laws in place to protect people who are target by debt collectors. Don’t give in to aggressive credit card companies or third-party debt collection agencies who are suing you for unpaid credit card bills. Instead, let the attorneys at Guest and Gray Law Firm in Rockwall County assert your legal rights and make sure that you are treated fairly.

You deserve to have a professional on your side when you are dealing with highly-trained debt collectors. These individuals are skilled at manipulating you into paying as much money as possible, even when their records are inaccurate and they may not be able to prove that you owe anything. Even if you do owe some amount of credit card debt, representation by attorneys from our Rockwall County office shows the credit card debt collectors that you are serious about dealing with the situation. It can save you money to hire an attorney because the company representatives will often behave differently when they know they are dealing with professional representatives. Deal with the debt collectors by letting our experienced attorneys in Rockwall County manage your credit card debt case.